cảm biến sợi quang cho FX-Series (FX100, FX300, FX311, FX400)


SUNX optical fibres are compatible with all amplifiers for the FX100, FX300, FX311 and FX400 series. In addition to a large selection of standard optical fibres, particular use types are available for special tasks.

Key features:

  • Threaded and threadless optical fibre heads
  • Rectangular fibre versions
  • Heat-resistant models (-60 to +350°C)
  • Wide beam types (up to 32mm sensing width)
  • Sharp bending versions (as little as 1mm) yet extremely durable (can be bent 1,000,000 times!)
  • Chemical-resistant types
  • Sophisticated designs for detecting the level of liquids
  • Special types for sensing glass substrates and wafers
  • Versions with lens mounting (in some cases coaxial construction)
  • Special lengths



  • High precision fibres and spot lenses (spot diameter as small as 0.1mm)
  • Lenses for thru-type wide beam types (to extend the sensing range)
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