xylanh tịnh tiến DLGF FESTO

Linear drives DLGF
  • Guide variants
    • Standard design
    • Recirculating ball bearing guide
  • Diameter 20, 25, 32, 40 mm
  • Stroke length 50 ... 1000 mm
  • Force 188 ... 754 N
  • Position sensing
  • Pneumatic cushioning, self-adjusting at both ends

Space-saving mounting? Welcome the new champion!


Neat, tidy, structured – the linear drive is mounted without clutter. Direct connection of additional actuators without adapter plates, compressed air supply under the workbench, directly screwed in without support brackets: the DLGF is streamlined and slender.

DLGF back-to-back mounting


Back-to-back mounting of two linear drives DLGF with synchronisation carried out by the customer.

DLGF mounting on DGSL


Direct mounting of a DGSL on the linear drive (also possible with DGST or SLT)

DLGF mounting on ADN


Direct mounting of an ADN on the linear drive (also possible with ADNGF)




height H1

height H7

DLGF-...-20-... 31.5 24
DLGF-...-25-... 36.5 29
DLGF-...-32-... 44.5 35
DLGF-...-40-... 51.5


Designed for applications in handling systems, the linear drive DLGF features a flat contour and self-adjusting cushioning PPS, making it ideal for integration into compact machine concepts.

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