motor Brushless BMU series


Major features

Easy speed control, Easy wiring
Easy speed control with "Kurukuru Pon" and setting dial
Easy wiring just connecting the motor and the driver and turning on the switch
Motor and gearhead assembled
Brushless motor designed for small size, high output, high efficiency
Equipped with extensive features
Cable type and connector type available

· Protection class IP66 specification for connector type

Four types of gear heads that realize higher torque and higher strength

Offering the highest standard speed control at an affordable price

Kurukuri Pon. Easy speed control.

  • Kurushiru speed control

    Turn the dial to set the desired rotation speed.

  • Change by 1 r / min at a time

    If you rotate it slowly, it changes by 1 r / min at a time.

  • Setting and setting

    Push the dial to press the dial to set the rotation speed.

  • Lock is also possible

    You can also lock the dial operation.

Easy speed control seen with video

Easy wiring. Start right away.

  • Easy connection

    Motor and driver can be connected easily.

  • Easy wiring

    The power supply and I / O connector are screwless type.

  • Start right away

    You can start right away with one switch.

  • One touch switching

    Switching of motor rotation direction is one touch.

Easy wiring and starting up for watching

Motor and gearhead assembled

We will deliver the motor and gearhead assembled in advance. It reduces the labor required for the customer to install, and it can be attached to the device immediately. You can remove the gear head and change the mounting position to 90 ° increments. It is possible to change the position of the connector according to the customer's equipment.

Motor and gearhead assembled

Brushless motor designed for small size, high output, high efficiency

In the brushless motor, a motor realizing energy saving, thinning, and high power by adopting a permanent magnet in the rotor part while reproducing excellent speed stability and wide speed control range which is a merit of the DC motor is. Since there is no mechanical contact between the brush and the commutator (commutator), periodic maintenance is unnecessary.

Application examples and features of brushless motor are here

Brushless motor designed for small size, high output, high efficiency

Maximum rotation speed 4000 r / min Speed ​​ratio 1: 50 * (2.5 times compared to the past)

BMU series, maximum speed 4000 r / min * . Speed ​​ratio 1: 50 (80 ~ 4000 r / min * ) realized. The rate of fluctuation of speed has also improved significantly from ± 0.5% of conventional products to ± 0.2%. We respond to customer's needs with the highest standard speed control.

It depends on some gear head.

Maximum speed 4000 r / min

High strength · High reduction gear head which can be selected according to application

In addition to the conventional parallel shaft gear head GFV gear, lineup of JV gear of high reduction ratio, JB gear of high strength with leg attachment, JH gear of orthogonal axis hollow hypoid is up. Allowable load of the output shaft and maximum permissible torque have greatly improved. Moreover, it can correspond to various mounting methods.

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