motor servo R 3E Model


High precision battery less absolute encoder

It does not use a battery which is a lifetime part, so maintenance-free can be realized. 
It is mounted on Sanyo Denki Servo Motor. 
Battery less encoder with power generation element, because it is optical type, it is thin, encoder operating temperature is 105 ° C, vibration resistance is excellent.

Servo amplifier SANMOTION R 3E Model

A line up from 10 A to 75 A is available. 
It can drive servo motors with output from 100 W to 3.5 KW.

Reduce tact time with high speed positioning control

Speed ​​frequency response realized about 2.2 kHz which is about twice as high as conventional Sanyo Denki * . In addition, the positioning settling time has been reduced to 1/3. Equipped with the function to switch the trajectory control and positioning control in real time, it significantly reduces the tact time of the equipment.

* Amp capacity 10 to 50 A case. Sanyo Denk Comparison with conventional product AC servo amplifier "SANMOTION R" ADVANCED MODEL.

Improved control accuracy

A function to increase the gain, a function to suppress minor vibration when the motor is stopped, an adaptive notch filter to suppress the resonance of the device, and a feedforward vibration suppression control. The notch filter has changed from 4 to 5 in the conventional product * . Since the feed axis of the machine tool can be controlled with high precision, the machining quality is greatly improved.

* Sanyo Denki's comparison with the conventional AC servo amplifier "SANMOTION R" ADVANCED MODEL.

Highly accurate optical batteryless absolute encoder


Optical Batteryless Absolute Encoder This is a
battery-less high precision optical multi-turn encoder. Maintenance free can be realized because it does not use a battery that is a maintenance part. It can be widely used for general industrial equipment such as machine tools and robots.

1 rotation resolution

131072 (17 bits)

Total revolutions per revolution

65536 (16 bit)

Encoder model number

Model No. HA 035

Option specification

· One rotation resolution: 1048576 (20 bits), 8388608 (23 bits) 
· Absolute angle accuracy within one rotation: 0.0167 ° (1 minute) or less (Standard is about 0.167 ° (10 minutes) 
· Baud rate: 4.0 Mbps )

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